Hoverboards: Too Hot To Handle

When someone hears the word “hoverboard” today, they don’t typically think of Michael J. Fox cruising across the water. Nowadays, when people are talking about hoverboards they mean the two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered scooters. These devices are controlled by a rider’s feet as they stand on two footpads located on top of the board. Since their 2014 debut in China, these hoverboards have found widespread popularity across the United States.

After a long-time investigation into the people-moving devices came to a recent conclusion, the U.S. government has decided that hoverboards are not safe. Not only can the vehicles launch people off at high speeds, risking head and body injuries, but studies have found that when used for extended periods of time they can overheat. This causes the plastic casing to melt and in some instances has resulted in open flames at the operator’s feet.

Manufacturers, stores, and importers have been formally notified by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of new rules in regards to the hoverboard. Any distributors found not in compliance with these new rules can have their merchandise seized and may even result in criminal action.

hoverboards are not safe

UL product testers (the number one American product testing company) has stated that no hoverboards are currently certified. Any distributors currently featuring the UL certification logo is false. The American government has urged people to reconsider purchasing any type of self-balancing scooter technology until a safe model is released.

No matter how much fun those sleek new toys look when they are flying through the mall, or beating dashing to the front of that airplane line, burnt feet, and cracked skulls are no fun at all. Be sure to do the necessary research before purchasing today’s hoverboard.

Conditions that Can Contribute to a Slip and Fall Accident

Getting into a slip and fall accident is very painful. Why are these accidents so awful? Because they happen in moments when the victim does not suspect that anything will go wrong. For example, everyone knows that they need to exercise caution when they are crossing a busy intersection. However, you do not think that something will go wrong when you are walking around in a shopping mall. But if there are conditions that can contribute to a slip and fall accident, you could find yourself the victim of a painful fall.

Here are some conditions that make it likelier for a slip and fall accident to take place:
1. Buildings with Ice and Snow

If there is a lot of ice and snow buildup outside a building, this can contribute to a slip and fall incident. It is especially dangerous if it snowed the night before and temperatures are still very cold. This may result in the snow turning into ice, which is extremely slippery. It is usually up to establishment owners to deal with the area right outside their store or shop.

2. Poorly Lit Areas

conditions that can contribute to a slip and fall accident

It is much harder to see where you are going if there is insufficient lighting in the area. This is a problem for people who walk in suburban areas, while it also impacts certain city areas that are poorly lit. the problem may happen because no lights were installed in the first place, or because a bulb went out and no one bothered to replace it.

3. Parking Lots

If there are potholes or other cracks in a parking lot, someone walking may accidentally trip and injure themselves fairly badly. The owner of the parking lot or the nearby building is usually deemed responsible in these cases. But it is best to speak with an attorney if you are the victim in such a slip and fall accident.

Dealing with Doctor Malpractice

When you’re looking for medical help, you want to make sure that you’ve got everything that you need in order to be taken care of. The last thing on your mind is finding a history of doctor malpractice, no matter what it is that you are looking to do. You want to be able to trust your doctor, don’t you? They are doing major procedures and trying to make sure that you’ve got everything that you need in order to stay as healthy as possible – so why can’t you just trust them from the start?

Before you start looking at anyone, you want to make sure that you’ve taken a look at the doctor’s background and history. You want to see what they have been doing in order to ensure that you’ve got contact with a doctor that you can trust. You can usually find out a lot about a doctor just by looking them up online. Even if they have worked to try and bury some of their past, you can usually find everything that you need to know before you even start going to see them on a regular basis.

That being said, if you’re concerned or you had some sort of issue related to your doctor, you could be eligible for compensation. You want to do what you can in order to make sure that you achieve your goals and so that you don’t have to worry about much of anything when you go into their office. So, talk to a lawyer and see what they can do to help you with a situation at hand. They can give you advice and let you know about the steps that you should be taking in order to move ahead and take care of yourself.

More Airbag Recalls and What It Means

Continental Automotive Systems believes that the air bag control computers are not completely safe. These computers often get wet, which results in them malfunctioning. Sometimes a driver may not even know if the airbag in their car is working properly, because it only activates when an accident happens. This is dangerous, because you may find yourself involved in an accident where your airbag does not work.

There are many reasons why the airbag may not have worked. Perhaps the car was old and you forgot to get it checked regularly. However, there are reports of more airbag recalls every year. And these airbag recalls do not necessarily involve older cars. Many major manufacturers are recalling airbags from their newer model vehicles. Some of these recalls are for newer models, while others pertain to cars as old as 2006.

What companies are involved in these recalls? Honda, Chrysler, Mercedes and Volkswagen. These are major companies that supply a large percentage of the cars on the road. If you were unlucky to buy one of the impacted models, you may have a case against this company. This is especially true if you were involved in an accident in one of the vehicles, but your airbag did not come out.

It may seem trivial to question whether the airbag came out or not. A lot of people mistakenly think that airbags are not helpful. However, they are a big part of protecting passengers who are involved in an accident. The airbag stops your head from going and hitting the dashboard. This is even truer if you were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

If you think that you have a case against one of these companies, call a lawyer and tell them about your circumstances. Even if the accident was a year or two in the past, you may still have a case.

Brake and Tire Failure Accidents

Unfortunately, truck accidents are the most common and destructive problem facing people on the road today. These massive vehicles may have their uses for transporting goods from one part of the country to another, but they also cause a significant number of accidents. Statistics show us that a vast majority of these accidents are brake and tire failure accidents. This means that a mechanical problem on the truck is what resulted in you getting your car damaged or suffering injuries.

However, it is not always apparent what specific problem caused the accident. This is where clients must speak to an attorney and ensure the case is handled properly. Going after the wrong party is a sure way to lose a case. For example, you may feel as if it was the truck driver’s fault that you got into the accident. If you go after the driver and it turns out that there was a mechanical failure, you get no settlement money.

When it comes to brakes and tires, there are a number of parties who may have performed negligence. If the brakes or tires failed because the driver did something wrong, they are the negligent party. Similarly, the problem may have resulted from the truck company’s negligence, or the manufacturer itself.

It is impossible to go through one of these cases without a lawyer’s help. They are the only ones who can sort through all the relevant information and find out who was responsible. By knowing the party’s identity, your attorney can start formulating a strategy for a lawsuit.

Depending on the damages caused by the accident and the guilty party, the case can go in one of two ways. Either you go through a trial and are awarded a settlement by the judge, or the two sets of lawyers come together and you accept a settlement offer from the guilty party.

Not My Last Ride

No matter how far technology has come, it seems that practicing safe driving will forever elude much of humanity. Due to a multitude of reasons, the Department of Transportation has reported a drastic increase in traffic accident fatalities in 2015. With things like smartphones and computerized dashboard displays, it is easier than ever for driver’s to get distracted behind the wheel. It is reported that from January to September 2015, traffic deaths reached a high of 26,000. This is more than 2,000 more deaths when compared to same time period in 2014.

While some fatalities are caused by faulty equipment, studies show it to be a minimal percentage. According to multiple studies, ninety-four percent of all traffic fatalities can be attributed to human error. This could mean intoxicated operators, distracted drivers, speeders, or simply people with poor driving skills.

After so many years of driving it is easy to get comfortable behind the wheel and forget to use basic safety precautions. People should always be sure to check the mirrors every time they get into their vehicle. Between the time someone leaves their car and comes back anything could have happened. In most situations things will be as left, but not realizing the right mirror is folded back until the car is going seventy miles per hour is dangerous for everyone on the road.

It is important to remember when driving to be wary of each and every other car on the road. Many times in accidents it is the person who was following all the rules that ends up hurt for reacting a little too late to that speeding car behind them.

Safe driving is a responsibility that everyone on the road shares. By simply tweaking a couple habits like not using a cell phone, or waiting until the car is parked to have that one last drink, we can all help lower the fatality rate in 2016.

How Boston Court Reporters Can Help Your Case

Court reporting is an important part of keeping accurate, orderly records during legal proceedings or depositions. New technologies have made court reporting more advanced than ever before and there are Boston Court Reporters available who specialize in utilizing them in order to suit your needs.

More than just jotting down notes, court reporting involves detailed and in-depth, verbatim record-keeping of testimony during depositions, hearings and trials, as well as arbitration and a variety of meetings. A court reporter keeps track of testimony in real-time so that a draft of the transcript is available immediately after the proceedings conclude. They’re also helpful for keeping order during particularly heated exchanges during hearings or depositions; if more than one person is talking, it is necessary for a court reporter to request that only one person speak at a time so that the dialogue can be properly documented.

Beyond basic transcription services, many court reporters also provide technological solutions that make attending and documenting depositions and meetings easier. Video teleconferencing is the perfect solution to conveniently bring together meeting participants that can’t meet in person due to distance. Legal videography provides benefits that traditional transcription does not. A video deposition makes a stronger impression on viewers (such as a jury) and will draw their attention more than reading from a written transcript. Electronic media transcription is also a helpful service, as this can be time-consuming and frustrating for someone who is not trained in legal transcription. Such transcripts can be useful so that you don’t have to keep turning to a voice recording or video every time you reference a fact of the case.

Court cases, depositions, and arbitration can be stressful. Having the right professionals on your side can make working through the process much easier.

Are You Concerned About Losing Your Job While Out for An Injury?

One of the biggest issues that people deal with when they are out for an injury is whether or not they are actually going to have a job when they get back. There are a lot of people out there who are concerned about this because they worry that, if they don’t do what they need to do, they won’t get better. But, if there is a job loss threat, they may feel like they have to go to work a lot more quickly than they would have otherwise.

Why is this such a big issue? There are laws in place to protect people but, in some cases, businesses will do what they can in order to try and find a way around everything. Not only that, but they may take some time to look and see if there is cause for you to get laid off for one reason or another. In short, if you’re not working, you may feel like you’re a sitting duck. This can cause you additional stress and make you worry about whether or not you’re actually going to be able to keep your job.

If this is a concern, or you’ve already lost your job or gotten laid off while you were out for an injury, you have to contact a lawyer as soon as you can. You may be in a situation that is unlawful or unethical, and you may be able to get money or compensation for what has happened. In short, you have a right to have your job when you get back from a worker’s compensation injury, and a lawyer can help you to make sure that you continue to have that right, no matter what may have happened in the process.

Pothole Damages And Your Vehicle

Potholes are a really big problem, especially in some states where there is a lot of snow during the winter and the chemicals and plowing end up taking some of the road away. That being said, there are a lot of things that can happen if there are too many unchecked potholes in your area. For example, did you know that damage caused by potholes is actually quite common, especially when it comes to dents and tire issues that need to be taken care of quickly or your car won’t be able to keep going?

Depending on the damage and what the repairs may cost, you as the driver may have a lot of options. Most of us will just hit a pothole and let it be, even if damages happen. But, the laws are actually in place so that the state or local municipality (whoever is in charge of the road) will actually fix them. If you get a lot of damages and your car ends up in rough shape as a result of what you’re trying to do, you will notice that you can actually get some, if not all, of that money back into your pocket in the long run.

If you think that the law will be on your side in a certain instance, then you definitely want to make sure that you can check out what’s out there. Talk to a lawyer and see what they say about your case and what’s going on with it. You may find out that you can get your car repaired and save a lot of stress and money when it comes to getting it fixed. Call a lawyer today to see how they can help you to get what you deserve from your incident.

Preventing Falls in Senior Citizens

There is a lot of discussion out in the world about how we can take better care of the people that we love as they get older. One of the biggest problems that happens is falling. Did you know that there are a lot of things that you can do in order to prevent increased risk of a fall? But sometimes, when you look at what is being done in nursing homes, it doesn’t seem like there really is a lot that they are doing in order to prevent those falls from happening.

There are a few things that you can look at and explore when it comes to options. While you can’t strap the senior citizen into a bed, you can still take precautions in order to make sure that you’ve got everything that you need in order to achieve your goals. You can make sure that their shoes are non-slip and that they have a button that they can utilize in order to get the attention of those that they may need to get help from. It can actually make quite a difference if you put up safety helps that can keep the senior citizen safe.

If your loved one has fallen or they have struggled with one thing or another with their health because of negligence or other issues, there are a lot of rights that you and your loved one have. Look at the law and see what could be out there to help you with those questions. You may discover that there are more options than you realized, and your lawyer can work with you to help you make the right decisions for your future and the future of the loved one that got injured from the fall in the first place.